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Freeholder Candidate Leidy Calls for Flood Mitigation Plan

Ventnor, NJ, September 11, 2018. Candidate for District 2 Freeholder, Maureen Leidy, recently attended the Board of Chosen Freeholders meeting in Ventnor to advocate for better flood management planning by the County.

Freeholder Candidate Maureen Leidy, a Ventnor resident, addressed the Board regarding the chronic flooding problem along Wellington/West End Avenue.  Ms. Leidy reminded the Freeholders that Wellington/West End Avenue was recently repaved, but the flooding continues and that spending millions repaving every few years is not addressing the problem of flood mitigation.

Leidy suggested that the Board make this a priority noting, “With the economic development taking place in Ventnor and Atlantic City, if people cannot get here, it is defeating the purpose.”

The Freeholders acknowledged Candidate Leidy’s concerns and indicated that it will cost 10-20 million to fix the problem.  Freeholder Coursey suggested that perhaps the corner of West End (Wellington) and Albany, which experiences the most severe flooding, should be addressed first, and mitigation done in stages.

Leidy would urge the Board to look into alternative options, such as a living shoreline, concrete seawalls, and the long-term solution of raising the road possibly with new paving materials especially designed for flood prone areas.

“When elected I will work towards the  creation of a  Freeholder committee to work on the ever evolving flood mitigation issue for the Downbeach area,” Leidy says, “We need elected officials to look at what different options and grants are available to protect the local families and their homes.”

Ventnor Commissioner and Director of Planning and Development for CRDA, Lance Landgraf, was also in attendance and concurred with Candidate Leidy that this flooding is a major concern for the Downbeach communities.

Leidy is running for the District 2 Freeholder seat that makes up most of the downbeach towns of Atlantic County including Chelsea, Ventnor, Margate, Linwood, Northfield and Somers Point.