29 Days

I am entering the long home stretch of this campaign and it is still an uphill battle.  I’m out there talking to constituents, listening to their concerns, and now more than ever it is so important that we win this seat on the Freeholder Board.

I’ve been running a very lean campaign (as many of you may have seen through my Facebook posts and videos) but that is the way I will also run the county.  I do not have the war chests that my Republic opponent has – I do not pay canvassers or phone bankers and have not hosted and paid a venue for any kind of fundraisers.  All the money I raised for my campaign has been truly grass roots with the help of supporters willing to host fundraisers.  While I’ve been pinching every penny, the final sprint will cost money – money for advertising; money for mailers; and money to get to the finish line.

ANYTHING you can contribute I can assure you will be put to good use – now and when I’m elected.  I would love nothing better than to prove to my Republican opponent that sincerity, passion and determination will win this election NOT who has the most money.