Why Don’t People Vote Their Values?

I was canvassing last night in Linwood and I met a man who was listed as “unaffiliated”.  So I introduced myself as the Democratic Freeholder candidate for the 2nd district. His response was, “I don’t vote for Democrats. All they do is tax and spend.”  He then complained about his property taxes and I asked him if he realized both the county and his town are run by Republicans and have been for some time. He then complained about the gas tax. I informed him this was enacted during the Christie administration. Then I asked him if he was benefitting from the president’s tax cuts and he said no, not yet. And I told him he would be hurt even more because of the caps on property taxes when he filed his tax returns. He really didn’t have an answer for that.  i asked if he knew who is current freeholder was and he did not. I told him if he voted for me I guarantee he will know who I am because I’m running for the people of this district. I do not know whether I changed his mind but I sure hope I opened his eyes to reality. I truly cannot understand people who are voting directly against their own self-interest. All I ask is for people to be open minded. If you are unhappy with the way things are then use your vote to change them regardless of party!

Author: Maureen Leidy

I am a proud resident of Ventnor and a member of the Ventnor Democrats and the South Jersey Democratic Women’s Forum. I am a single mother of four adult children, and grandmother to seven. When I am not working, I’m either calling my congressmen, signing petitions or marching in the streets. When I was approached to run, my inclination was to decline, but my daughter bluntly told me, “Put your money where your mouth is. If you don’t run, you are a hypocrite.” As much as I hated to admit it, she was right. So I am running to give a voice to those Atlantic County residents, who, like myself live paycheck to paycheck; who have struggled with the disease of addiction in their family; who have nowhere to turn when they are facing abuse and harassment. I am running to keep our beaches clean and our roads free of flooding. I am running to ensure your children and grandchildren can go to school without fear and receive a quality education. I am running so that my daughters and yours have access to Planned Parenthood. I am running so that all of us, male or female, are treated fairly and paid equally in the workplace. I know it’s an uphill battle, but I’ve always been a fighter. I will fight for your vote and I will fight for the ideals and values that the people of Atlantic County believe in – a safe, affordable community that we are proud to call home.

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